Ventenn Management Group

Ventenn management group services include a comprehensive consultation to help identify problems and opportunities, an extensive report that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule.

Our services also include a comprehensive consultation to help you identify issues & opportunities, extensive reporting including a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule. VTMG also offer a set of quality services helping you to get to a point quickly & smoothly.

Our main objective is to resolve your issues by working directly with you to analyze your operations. Then implement the controls, systems and other solutions you need, and make your business more marketable.


Whether you want to add experise to your exising team or completely outsource your accouning, finance & business funcions we have the experience in numerous industries.

VTMG will provide clients with detailed financial reports that compare actual revenues and expenses with what the original esimaions were.

  • Financial Controller Leadership
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Cost accounting & Project Management
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Accounting Services
  • Business Start Ups
  • Business Systems Set Up
  • Payroll Services, Insurance Co, Document Management Companies Partnership agreements

Management Solutions

We not only offers clients resolutions to concerns, but also offers recommendations to lessen your expenses and costs, increase your revenue and even enhance your name. Our main objective is to resolve your issues by working directly with you to analyze your operations.

Development & Strategy:

We evaluate, analyze, and develop a path for your business and product success. We perform market research for efficient and intelligent decisions in line with your company mission, vision, and values.

Operational Management:

We review your current business, finance, and operational performance to uncover areas of improvement. We can set up objectives and KPI’s to measure optimal business performance to reduce waste and costs.

Process Improvement:

We can evaluate your company’s process, communication, and efficiency to establish and implement efficient process. The goal is to eliminate waste in labor, increase productivity and bring value throughout your organization.

Digital Transformation:

We will do some evaluation on your business and research solutions to solve critical business challenges.

Project Management:

We have the experience and will work with your team to lead and complete your projects within your organization to meet your critical business goals.

Manufacturing Representation

We are professional Manufacturers representative which specializes in the sale of specification products in the manufacturing, commercial markets. We value business ethics, experience, relationships and product knowledge and are dedicated to being fully educated in the products they represent as well as in competitor’s offerings.

VTMG partner with businesses to understand their industry and needs, evaluate their market and competitors, and understand the direction of the business to develop proper solutions for the organization.

We help with your strategy, product marketing and sales development needs to improve your sales and product messaging. Most importantly we roll up our sleeves and help you efficiently execute key tactics to deliver results.


VenTenn is not designed to replace your current CPA, but to serve as liaison between the business owner/management and CPA
- VenTenn Focuses On 4 issues -


Ventenn will work with you to deliver finished financials so your CPA doesn't spend precious time (your money) compiling figures before they even begin to work


VenTenn desires to do more than just provide accounting services. We want to help you win by providing financial assistance which helps you manage your business more profitably


VenTenn reputation for providing quality service reflects the high standards we demand of ourselves. Our high standards, responsive service and specialized staff spell the difference between ous and the rest


We work on site with our clients in order to keep transparency between parties and our clients ALWAYS handle their cash receipts/deposits, another way to keep transparency wide open between parties


Our main objective is to resolve your issues by working directly with you to analyze your operations.

Business Services


Outsourcing frees up time and resources to focus on business strategy and goals


Outsourcing allows businesses to tap into the resources and expertise of the outsourcing company

Cooperative Efforts

Determine your internal and external financial reporting needs, and the specific service support required


Cost behavior,cost-volume-profit relationships,operational and capital budgeting,standard costing,variance analyses for costs and revenues,transfer pricing,and more


Accounting service package that provides complete, accurate, and timely financial information to help you manage your business


Our Work Is Always Kept Confidential, for every client, in every way. We keep secure records, nothing is left unattended

About Us

VENTENN is always seeking to improve. That applies across the entire platform, mindset, and methods through which we do business.
Continued experience, development, education, and client confidence builds our daily routine. Look below for further details.

Industry Relations & Clients

The following list steps into a wide variety of industries and general sectors of business with whom VENTENN is affiliated.

  •        Food Manufacturing
  •        Textile: Medical Field
  •        Non-Profit Organizations
  •        Military & Government Contracts
  •        Injection Molding Manufacturing
  •        Water Purification & Desalination
  •        Retail & Small Business Administration
  •        International Trading: Venezuela-Tennessee
  •        Spas, Tanning Beds & ATV/UTV Manufacturing
  •        Automotive Industry: Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Saturn

What we do:



Established multiple consulting contracts promoting business through the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce.

Continued growth and success projected for the remainder of 2015, carrying clients through the year end, and beyond.

Entered & participated into a re-structuring of a 34 million dollars company which had 3 divisions along with a CFO specialized on these type of projects.

Creating SKU numbers, switching accounting systems,validate general ledger amounts, procedures, policies.

Initiated & set up an accounting office at a textile manufacturing - establishing procedures, policies & dealing with plant financials.

Management, audit physical inventory at manufacturing facility. Value of inventory of 70 million dollars.

Management & project costing of projects in the water purification & desalination manufacturing field at plant facility.

Dealing with projects ranging from 50 thousand up to 6 million dollars in revenue - Including a water purification project for the Island of Aruba & a water distilled for the USS Ronald Reagan - CVN76.

Participated on Launching teams at automotive plant of new automotive products coming to the U.S. market - including Saturn,Chrysler & Ford products.

Helpful Hints

Whether you’re projecting the year to come or looking several years down the road, solid, reality-based financial projections provide a crucial road map for small business growth.    more
As the US economy slows small business owners are facing tough financial times, many for the first time. Financial problems are difficult; they consume time and valuable business resources, but must be dealt with proactively in order to be resolved.    more
Advisors who own their own businesses incur a number of expenses that are unique to their line of work, but there are also several other measures that most or all self-employed taxpayers can take to reduce their reportable income.    more

Meet The Team

Jorge L. Chaparro

Principal / Consultant

Originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela. He and His Tennessee wife along with their Children have made East Tennessee their home.

Jorge attended & earned his degree from Lincoln Memorial University. Also Attended Tennessee Technological University & Business College.

With more than years of professional experience by performing with a high standard of integrity in the areas of accounting management, manufacturing management, small business management and Non-Profit organizations

Leadership Roles in:

  •       cost project management
  •       operational consumer products
  •       retail accounting
  •       manufacturing & service industries

Operational/Organizational Leadership Roles in:

  •       project & program management design
  •       process redesign
  •       staff recruitment & development

Cross-Industry experience in:

  •       accounting
  •       finance
  •       consumer packaged goods
  •       retail, manufacturing, marketing & small business admin

Business & Manufacturing Experience:

  •       Heavy Timber Design & Manufacturing
  •       Custom Coating Manufacturer - Global
  •       Global water purification solutions
    1. Military
    2. Pharmaceutical
    3. Offshore oil & gas
    4. Industrial - bottled water
    5. Commercial marine
    6. Water processing systems
  •       Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Valves & Engineering Services.
  •       Automotive: Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Saturn
  •       Military Footwear
  •       Injection Molding: Toshiba, Murray, Saturn, Chrysler
  •       Textile: Medical products
  •       Retail Operations
  •       Diverse vertical consumer recreational products company, with manufacturing, 28 retail sites in 25 states, and a consumer finance.
  •       Construction & Concrete
  •       Logistics & Transportation
  •       Hotel/Hospitality
  •       Telecommunications
  •       Small business administration
  •       Business Start Ups

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